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Mae Hilty Memorial Library: FAQ


Click on the icon to download and print the Student Library Handbook, which contains the information contained in these FAQ and more

How do I access the library resources from off campus?

Off-campus access instructions are available here.

How do I check out...

Just bring it up to the front desk along with your ID!

Come to the front desk with your ID and ask!  There's a quick form to fill in, and then you're on your way.

Sorry, the anatomical models are for use within the library only.  Note: If you're giving a presentation in a class and want to use a model as a visual aid, stop by Ms. Carol's office to ask for permission.

Yes!   If it's an item from the Reserves (behind the front desk), ask us to fill in a hold card with your name.  You can place a hold starting at 7 am on the day you want the item, and then pick it up at a designated time starting at 12 noon. If you don't pick it up within 30 minutes of your indicated time, then we will release the item for someone else.  If an item from the Main Shelves is checked out and you would like to have it next, just ask a staff member to put it on hold for you.  We'll let you know when it's available.

How do I renew a library book or DVD?

Bring it to the library's front desk, or call Ms. Sherry at 281-998-6049 and tell her your name and the title of the item.   Note: this applies to items from the main shelves only. Reserve items from behind the front desk cannot be renewed.

Library fines

It depends on the item.
- Reserve materials (behind the front desk) are due at 9 am on the third WEEKDAY morning following the day of checkout. The fine is 50 cents for each hour the item is late, up to a maximum of $10, plus $10 for each additional day.
- For overdue books from the main shelves, the fine is 20 cents per day. 
- For overdue DVDs, the fine is 50 cents per hour up to $10 per day.

Just come to the front desk.  We accept CASH ONLY.

When your fine reaches a certain dollar amount, you must clear it before you will be allowed to register for your next trimester or to graduate.

If a library item is damaged or lost while checked out to you, we will ask you to pay for a replacement item.

May I ....... in the library?

Snacks are allowed in the library, but please eat your full meals in the library foyer, the cafeteria, or a student lounge.  This is to reduce the chance of spills, stains, and lingering odors.

Covered containers with non-alcoholic beverages are allowed in the library.  Empty, rinsed plastic or glass bottles may be placed on the file cabinet outside Ms. Claire's office for recycling.

Per the student handbook, only animals that have been certified as therapy animals and have the appropriate papers, AND have been approved by the Executive Director of Student Services, may accompany students at TCC.  Household pets are never allowed in the library or anywhere else on campus.

Library printers/copiers

The library's Print/Copy room contains one multifunction color printer and one multifunction black/white printer for student use.  These machines also allow you to print from or copy to a flash drive.  There are also a small color printer and a large multifunction color printer in the library's Computer Lab.  All 4 machines are on TCC's wifi network, so you may send print requests from outside the library. 
If you do not come to the library within 15 minutes to pick up your pages, they may end up on the table in the room or in the recycle bin.  To avoid wasted paper, PLEASE BE SURE YOU SEND YOUR PRINT REQUEST TO THE CORRECT PRINTER. 
To add a printer to your Device list
, click here.  Then, to download the driver to enable that device, read these instructions.  Let us know if you have any problems printing.

At the moment, there is no charge to use the library's printer/copiers.  PLEASE do not abuse this privilege:  print PowerPoint presentations with 2 or 3 slides per page and choose double-sided and black/white printing whenever possible.  If the amount of wasted paper increases, we may need to begin charging for copies.

No problem!  Just ask Ms. Sherry, a Work Study student, or another library staff member for assistance.  Please do not attempt to open up the machines yourself.

When is the library open?

Check the library calendar found here.

How do I apply for a library Work Study job?

If you are approved for Work Study, just let Ms. Sherry know of your interest during the end of the trimester before you would like to start working.  Note:  priority is given to current Work Study students.

Can I use the library after I graduate?

Yes!  If you will be staying in the Greater Houston area and come back onto campus, you will have the same library privileges that you enjoyed as a student.  If you will be farther away, consider becoming a Friend of the TCC Library .  Call or email, and we will do our best to assist with your information needs.

I have 15 minutes and don't want to study. What can I do for fun in the library?

We have graphic novels in the library collection.  We subscribe to popular magazines, including Time, Sports Illustrated, Prevention, and others.  We have many commercially-released movies, although those are typically longer than 15 minutes.  We even have all the Harry Potter books!  Check the shelves at the corner of the front desk or ask a staff member for a suggestion.