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Mae Hilty Memorial Library: Library Services

Services for students

Anatomy Digital Lab

Built on real anatomy from the National Library of Medicine's Visible Human Project®, the Touch of Life Technologies VH Dissector platform for medical education provides students with an integrated environment for anatomical education and reference. With the ability to interact with correlated 3D and cross-sectional views of over 2,000 anatomical structures through identification, dissection, assembly and rotation the VH Dissector helps students understand the complex three-dimensional structure of the human body. Combining a complete electronic dissector with integrated 3D and cross-sectional atlases, the VH Dissector platform provides a comprehensive resource for gross anatomy education. The lab is open to students after signing in at the circulation desk.

All TCC students should have access from their own computers to this program. To gain access to the VH Dissector program on your own computer email your request to: using your email.

Library copy room
The library copy room contains two color and one black-and-white printer; all machines also copy and scan.  You can scan a document onto your flash drive or to your email.  If you are unsure how to access these functions, or if you see a message that the unit is out of toner or paper, please ask a library staff member for assistance.

Library study rooms
Study room occupancy is limited to 6 students per glass-fronted study room.  Please do not move chairs from the rest of the library into study rooms, or vice versa.  At present, it is not possible to reserve the study rooms in advance for student use.  Note:  you may bring snacks and COVERED drinks into the study rooms, but please eat your full meals in the library foyer.  This is to avoid cleaning issues, pests, and lingering smells.

Non-circulating library items
Please ask at the front desk if you would like to use any of the items shown below.  With the exception of the laptops, they may only be used within the library, and you must leave ID at the front desk while using them.

Dry erase materials

     dry erase whiteboard and markers



Foam rollers

image of a purple foam roller for physical therapyLoosen fascia or stretch your muscles.

Kneeling chair

               photo of a black kneeling chair

Relieve back pain by kneeling while you study.

Binding machine

Binding machineBind Your Own
lecture notes:
$1 each comb,
$.50 each cover

Mobile charger

a charger with multiple cords for multiple devices

Laptop stands

image of a laptop stand

Support for your laptop when you're not at a table.

Stability balls

man sitting on stability ball working on laptop

Practice rehab, or work on your core while you study


photo fo laminator available for student use

Seal your documents in plastic.
1-10 pages: $1/page. 
Additional pages:  $.50/page.

Lumbar support pillow

image of black lumbar support pillowSupport your back; improve your posture.