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Mae Hilty Memorial Library: Faculty

QEP boilerplate

Year One of our QEP started on September 1st, 2019. 
The appropriate QEP Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) should now be incorporated into your
current syllabi.  If not, copy/paste from below:

SLO 1.  Explain anticipated effects of chiropractic care to patients and other health professionals
1a)  Describe the physiological mechanisms of chiropractic manipulation (CM).
1b)  Determine the appropriateness of delivering CM.
1c)  Assess the clinical effects of CM.
1d)  Summarize the evidence base for CM care.

SLO 2.  Identify the safety/risks of chiropractic manipulation (CM) to patients and other health professionals.
2a)  Explain how DCs protect patient safety while performing CM.
2b)  Summarize the evidence for CM safety.

SLO 3.  Collaborate with other health professions about management plans that include chiropractic manipulation (CM).
3a)  Explain the DC's scope of practice and areas of expertise.
3b)  Describe the roles, responsibilities, and infrastructure of other health professions/settings.
3c)  Communicate with patients, families, and team to ensure understanding of risks, benefits, natural history and alternatives to chiropractic care.
3d)  Develop appropriate collaborative strategies.



Table of Contents service for Faculty
As part of the library’s commitment to providing academic support to TCC faculty and clinicians, we offer a Table of Contents (TOC) Routing Service designed for those who wish to keep abreast of the literature in their field but lack the time to peruse all of our journals on a regular basis.  Tell Sherry Mahana the journals you are most interested in, and she will send you a paper copy of each new TOC as it is published.  Mark the titles of the articles you want to read, then send it back to her to receive a paper copy or a PDF, whichever you prefer.   If you would rather set up a TOC alert to have new-issue notices land in your email inbox, contact Claire Noll for instructions.

ILL - Faculty

Interlibrary loan (ILL)
Do you need the full text of a journal article that the library does not subscribe to, or a book or video that we don’t have in our collection?  We are happy to request it from another library for you.  In most cases, this takes a few days for an article and about two weeks for a book, and is free.  If there would be a charge, or if it will take longer, we will let you know before proceeding.

Please provide as much of the following information as possible when making an ILL request:
For a journal article:                                                                                 For a book or DVD:
Author                                                                                                        Author
Article title                                                                                                 Item title
Name of journal                                                                                        Publisher
Citation information (volume, issues, pages, date)                            Year of publication
OR:  the DOI number                                                                                OR:  a link to where you saw this
OR:  the PMID number (found just below a PubMed abstract)
OR:  a link to where you saw this

Research help

Research/Reference Help
The Texas Chiropractic College Library provides reference services to meet the informational and instructional needs of Library patrons. Our staff are dedicated to helping patrons find and access the Library’s information and resources.‚Äč  Contact any of us for assistance.

  • Research help is available in-person, via telephone, or by email.
  • Tours are available to get to know the Library!
  • Help is available to navigate the Library’s website and electronic resources
  • Faculty can get assistance with validating or checking citations.

Contact Us

Main Desk: (281) 998-6049
Reference: (281) 998-6052
E-services: (281) 998-6054
Director: (281) 998-6095

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